Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House

Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas. You will be surrounded by creatures of all kinds, in a serene environment. This world-class getaway will give you a memorable experience that will exceed all your expectations.


Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas is an area with aspects of African style suites spacious studio includes a kitchenette. Featuring over 30 species of wildlife that roam freely in a lush decorating tropical savannah. Throughout the area, Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas offers to observe exotic animals in their natural habitat in predetermined areas. To transport you to the heart of Africa, some privileged suites offer a unique opportunity to contemplate animal life from your balcony.

Wildlife conservation is arranged in an authentic African-inspired landscaping Kraal village. The architectural design is made of thatch and straw, huge beams of wood, hand carved ornament, real African artifacts and a large mud fireplace located in the main lobby. Throughout your stay, you will live the African spirit.

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